Human Resources Policy

Our human resources policy employs well-trained and skilled personnel who can work in harmony in every unit of our company.

In our company;

  • Producing solutions with duty responsibility and awareness,
  • Taking responsibility and fulfilling its responsibilities,
  • People who like to work together is to create our employee profile.

Our human resources basic principles are;

  • To employ the required number of personnel, taking into account the labor force requirements,
  • To monitor the performance of the personnel and to ensure that they work efficiently,
  • To contribute to the personal development of the employees,
  • To ensure that the personnel are provided with the necessary training in their fields,
  • To make communication and communication between employees effective,
  • To create a work environment that will contribute to the motivation to work with the managers,
  • To ensure that the employees work in a business environment in accordance with world standards and where occupational health and safety is at the highest level.