Karcel A.S. ISO 14001 Scope

KARÇEL A.Ş. ; It undertakes to establish, document and implement an environmental management system in accordance with TS-EN-ISO 14001 standard conditions and to continuously improve the effectiveness of this system.

Environmental Management System Manual, TS EN ISO 14001:2015 standard conditions, KARÇEL A.Ş. Implementation and continuous improvement of all its units, Increasing environmental performance, Achieving environmental goals and objectives, Fulfilling compliance obligations, Environmental Management System Requirements, Internal and External Issues, Relevant parties (Employees, Suppliers, Customers, Legal Institutions..) needs and expectations, environmental risks and the work carried out within the framework of the life cycle.

While defining the scope, KARÇEL A.Ş. uses all internal and external issues (4.1), conditions (4.2), organization and physical boundaries, its authority and ability to control. KARÇEL A.Ş. Activity subjects and scope of ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System:

Technical Scope
Our company, which is a leading company in the Steel Construction sector, produces profiles, plates, sheets, pipes, etc. within the scope of its STEEL CONSTRUCTION MANUFACTURING field of activity. It has carried out the construction of large investments, steel constructions (Factory Buildings, Energy Transmission Lines, Bridges, Antenna Masts, Sports Halls, Prefabricated buildings, etc.) using raw materials, products, semi-finished products. The materials and products used as raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products are certified; It maintains under evidence that it does not cause natural resource damage.

Geographical Coverage
The facility where ISO 14001:2015 EMS is applied; It is located in a closed area of ​​36.000 m2 on an area of ​​72,341 m2, registered in the title deed 45-46, block 106, parcel number 10, in Karabuk Province, Merkez District, Kardemir Field, Karçel Building address. Contact information of the facility is as stated in the Company Introduction section.